The Art of Mary Capaldi

Western Sheep Moth Enamel Pin *PREORDER*

15 USD / In stock.
This unique moth design depicts a lesser known gem of the insect world! Wear or collect this beautiful hard enamel pin to show your love of nature's diversity, your status as an entomology buff, or just because it's too gorgeous to pass up!

This pin is based on the Western or Common Sheep moth, Hemileuca eglanterina, a member of the Saturniidae or silk moth family. It is a dayflying species native to western North American and features beautiful bright pink and yellow colors framed by bold black markings.

Hard enamel pin with gold plating, double posts, and rubber clutches. Approximately 50mm wingspan at the widest. Comes on a backing card as shown.

**This is a PREORDER!** Your pin(s) and any items in the same order with it will ship when production is complete. Estimated to ship early July; check back on this page or follow my Twitter for updates. Pin and backing card mock-up are representative of approved designs currently in production, though final product may vary slightly. THIS PIN MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP AT ANTHROCON. Thanks for understanding!