The Art of Mary Capaldi

Spanish Moon Moth Enamel Pin

15 USD / In stock.
This beautiful moth design depicts a stunning and rare giant silkmoth! Wear or collect this lovely hard enamel pin to show your love of nature's diversity, your status as an entomology buff, or just because it's too gorgeous to pass up!

The Spanish Moon moth is a marvelous silkmoth native to Spain and France. As a caterpillar, it eats pine needles; the adult moth lives a short time and does not eat. These moths are sexually dimorphic - the hindwing "tails" are long in males but short in females. Spanish moon moths can sometimes interbreed with other silkmoths, such as Luna moths or Chinese moon moths, to create beautiful hybrids!

This pin was created as a stretch goal on the Hybrid Moon Moth Kickstarter as one of the parent species for the hybrid! Many thanks to the generous folks who made this possible.

Hard enamel pin with gold plating, double posts, and rubber clutches. Approximately 40 mm overall with 50mm wingspan at the widest.