The Art of Mary Capaldi

Pellucid Hawk Moth Charm

10 USD / In stock.
Add a little buggy flavor to your bag, phone, or handheld console with these insect charms! Each stylized but inspired-by-nature design makes a statement about your love of insects and the natural world. Double-sided designs show off the markings and structure of the real creatures they depict!

Pellucid hawk moths are stout, furry little moths from the Sphingidae family! They are sometimes mistaken for hummingbirds because of their body shape, quick movement, and method of feeding while hovering near flowers. This design is based off the real species, Cephonodes hylas, complete with transparent wings!

Approximately 2.1" charm printed in clear acrylic. Take this bug friend along with you or pair it up with another from the collection!