The Art of Mary Capaldi

Insecta Geometrica Goliath Beetle Pin

10 USD / In stock.
"Insecta Geometrica" is back with a second series of beautiful hard enamel pins! This vibrant Goliath beetle adds a bright buggy touch to any look on its own and goes wonderfully with other pins in the series!

Goliath beetles are among the largest insects on earth, with some clocking in at over 4 inches long as adults! They feed primarily on tree sap and fruit. There are five species of Goliath beetles, all of which reside in tropical forests across the African continent. This pin is based on Goliathus goliatus, notable for its reddish elytra.

Hard enamel pin with gold plating, single post, and black clutch. Approximately 32 mm tall. Ships on a backing card in a protective plastic sleeve.

This pin design was made possible through the Insecta Geometrica 2 Kickstarter! Many thanks to the generous backers who made the campaign a success!