The Art of Mary Capaldi

Hybrid Moon Moth Enamel Pin

15 USD / In stock.
This unique moth design depicts a rare beauty of the insect world! Wear or collect this lovely hard enamel pin to show your love of nature's diversity, your status as an entomology buff, or just because it's too gorgeous to pass up!

The moth this pin is based on is a hybrid that results from an unusual pairing between a Spanish moon moth (Graellsia isabellae) and Chinese moon moth (Actias dubernardi). Their stunning offspring inherit a blend of their parents' colors and patterns and emerge into the world as something new, distinct, and truly amazing. This moth is a testament to the incredible potential when different individuals cooperate toward a greater end than either could achieve alone.

Hard enamel pin with gold plating, double posts, and rubber clutches. Approximately 40 mm overall with 50mm wingspan at the widest.

This pin was created through Kickstarter with the help of many generous folks! Thank you so much.