The Art of Mary Capaldi

Friends of Anthrocon Mini Standees

50 USD / Out of stock.
Now you can take the Friends of Anthrocon home as mini standees! Each is 12" tall and printed on sturdy black plastic. Choose any of the dozen different characters, whether they be the mascot of your hotel of choice or just your favorite Friend of the bunch!

This is a special preorder-only print run. You must preorder to purchase a mini standee as the final counts for the production run will be placed to fulfill preorder demand only. I cannot store standing stock for these long-term.

The preorder period closed on August 1st. The standees have now arrived and will be assembled and shipped out to you shortly! You may check back on this page or follow my Twitter for updates.

Concept shown is approximate and may vary slightly in final product. Measured height of standee is to the top of the complete artwork and not to the head of the character.