The Art of Mary Capaldi

Florescent UV Insect Charms

10 USD / In stock.
Add some bright buggy flavor to your bag, phone, or handheld console with these UV-reactive insect charms! Each stylized design makes an eye-catching statement about your love of insects and the natural world. The unique art in these three designs incorporates the base acrylic material for a bold effect in daylight and a beautiful florescent glow under blacklight!

Royal walnut or regal moths (Citheronia regalis) are a beautiful, large North American species. They're best known to many by their caterpillar stage named the "hickory horned devil."
Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) are among the most popular insects in the world! They complete an amazing multi-generational migration every year between upper North America and Florida and Mexico.
Grapevine beetles (Pelidnota punctata) are a type of scarab native to North America. They are quick and active flyers, attracted to lights and often seen in gardens or vineyards.

Approximately 2.6" charms printed single-sided on UV reactive orange acrylic. Choose your favorite or grab all three!