The Art of Mary Capaldi

*PREORDER* Firefly Glow in the Dark Enamel Pin

10 USD / In stock.
**This is a PREORDER!** Your pin(s) and any items in the same order with it will ship when production is complete. Estimated to ship late February to early March; check back on this page or follow my Twitter for updates.

Fireflies rise during summer twilight like little sparks of fire in the grass. Their light can put a smile of wonder on faces young and old as they seek mates after sundown. Take this firefly as a symbol and be a light in the darkness with your kindness, hope, and bravery! Shine on, and let no one dull your unique beauty and brilliance!

This pin features a firefly or lightning bug based on the Photuris genus, native to North America. These insects are well-known for their flickering bioluminescent displays in late June and July (particularly in Pennsylvania, where the artist is from!)

Hard enamel pin with gold plating, double-posts, and rubber clutches. Specialty enamel on the abdomen glows in the dark. Approximately 30 mm wide, just a bit larger than the original run!

Glow-in-the-dark enamel creates a subtle but beautiful effect with this pin, mimicking the color of real fireflies' glow. For best results, charge for several minutes under direct light, then observe the glow in near-darkness. The enamel texture may look slightly different when glowing; this is normal.