The Art of Mary Capaldi

Cicada and Stag Beetle Charms

10 USD / In stock.
Add a little buggy flavor to your bag, phone, or handheld console with these insect charms! Each stylized but inspired-by-nature design makes a statement about your love of insects and the natural world. Double-sided designs show off the markings and structure of the real creatures they depict!

Cicadas are noisy summer friends around the world! They're easily recognizable by their broad bodies and wide-set eyes. Males sing to attract mates. This design is inspired by the Tibicen genus common in the United States.

Stag beetles are a popular, distinctive family of beetles known for the males' huge mandibles! They use these jaws to fight over food and mating sites. This design is inspired by Lucanus cervus, the largest and most well-known species in the UK.

Approximately 2.1" charms printed in clear acrylic. Choose your favorite or grab both!