The Art of Mary Capaldi

Bumblebee & Rosy Maple Charms

10 USD / In stock.
Add a little buggy flavor to your bag, phone, or handheld console with these insect charms! Each stylized but inspired-by-nature design makes a statement about your love of insects and the natural world. Double-sided designs show off the markings and structure of the real creatures they depict!

Bumblebees are cute and fuzzy pollinator friends! With round bodies covered in soft hair-like bristles, they feed on nectar and typically live in small colonies. This design, complete with translucent wings, is inspired by several of the more than 250 species in the Bombus genus around the world.

Rosy Maple moths are among the cutest moth species! This North American moth is popular for the bright color of its furry body. It is a smaller member of the Saturniidae family with a roughly 1.5" wingspan. This design directly evokes the exact species, Dryocampa rubicunda.

Approximately 2.1" charms printed in clear acrylic. Choose your favorite or grab both!