The Art of Mary Capaldi

Bee Yourself Enamel Pin

10 USD / In stock.
Did you know there are blue bees? Our world is full of amazing and diverse life; our own kind is no exception. Celebrate the beautiful, different, and unique in yourself! Whatever you like to do, wherever you are, whoever you love - be as you are. Take this blue bee as a symbol and dare to Bee Yourself!

This pin features the Blue Carpenter Bee, Xylocopa caerulea, native to Southeast Asia. They are pollinators in their region and make solitary nests in dead wood.

In the United States, seven bee species were declared endangered in 2016, and together, we helped with sales of this pin! During its charity period, this pin and "Queen Bee" together raised over $330 for the Pollinator Partnership, an organization dedicated to raising awareness, promoting conservation, and supporting research to understand and help pollinators.

Soft enamel pin with gold plating and rubber clutch. Approximately 30 mm.